Sunday, August 31, 2014

Awesome Workshop

Guadalupe Fall Color
12 x 6, pastel

Had the privilege of taking a workshop with Richard McKinley in Minneapolis August 20-22; learned so much. The knowledge he possesses is just amazing, plus he is so willing to share it with all who are interested, gracious to all. I would highly recommend his workshop.

This painting was begun on the second day. The base was a watercolor underpainting. I was so apprehensive prior to the workshop, worrying that I could not paint to the level of the other students. There were so many fabulous artists in the group, but I think I did OK, very pleased with the progress and knowledge gained there.

Now to put it into practice!! More to follow!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

All Clean!

All Clean!
12 x 6, pastel
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Surprise! I really am painting, just not as productive as earlier in the summer. This heat has been a killer lately.

The birds have been living in the birdbath! We cannot keep water in the thing. Looked out there today and there were 9 sparrows in it. Caught this little guy just after his bath earlier in the summer, you can almost see the water flying off his feathers.