Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pancho--a Christmas Surprise

10" x 10", pastel

Pancho was a commission that was to be given as a Christmas present. Pancho was a beloved pet that had died. I really wanted to capture his spirit and sweetness. Fortunately, Jan was able to tell me about him and I kept that in mind as the painting progressed. After Jan picked up Pancho, she told me that she had showed her grandchildren a photo of the painting and they recognized it as Pancho----a good sign!

But, as usual, I was sweating bullets until I heard if the recipient was pleased............... he was!! 

Friday, December 26, 2014

God in Everything

Mary's Sky
20" x 30", pastel

When I look at the sky, as I have said before, I just get a feeling/appreciation of God's majesty. I believe that God is in everything! Several months ago I was contacted by Mary Pearson, she, too, loves clouds. Mary's family owns and operates Pearson Farms in Georgia, check them out at www.pearsonfarm.com  to peruse/order their wonderful pecans, peaches (in season), vidalia onions, and gift items. She requested this commission, one of the bigger pastels I have completed. The majesty of the rays coming from behind the clouds just grabs me!

Hoping your Christmas was blessed. God got our attention as a family, prompting us to appreciate the time we have together, when our 35 year old son had a heart attack on the 16th.  God had him in the right place at the right time to get the care he needed. He had just arrived at work when he collapsed. Fortunately, he works at Dell Children's Hospital. Yep, God was all over this. It is not lost on my husband and me, that if it were not for His grace, our Christmas would not have been so joyous!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


10 x 20, pastel

Since I have been getting my art “out there” at the encouragement of my family, I have struggled with promoting myself. Just wasn’t raised that way, what can I say? But something happened yesterday that touched me and I felt that I should share it. So bear with me, please.

You may or may not have known that I had been a member of the Wimberley Fine Arts Center, an artist collaborative, since May. It was a great group of artists, so very talented. I was honored to be invited to join and experienced a fair amount of success with sales of my art. But even with that, I still felt uneasy promoting the fact that I was a part of the group.

Well, the group lost their lease and disbanded the end of November. I was invited to stay in the gallery (along with 4 other fabulous artists, Jim Street, Carolyn Pittman, Shelley Esser and Margi Uniacke) and display art as part of Pitzer’s Fine Art, a gallery that represents a variety of fine artists. I was thrilled to get a call from Rob Pitzer Saturday that this painting, Sunset, had sold! Still I didn’t feel comfortable, telling anyone that my art was hanging at Pitzer’s Fine Art, that is, until yesterday. I took more paintings to the gallery to fill the void created by the sale. While there, Rob introduced me to a gentleman in the gallery as a former member of the artist collaborative, who is now a part of Pitzer’s Fine Art. Did you catch that? Rob, who represents well known artists from across the country, introduced me as ‘part of’ Pitzer’s Fine Art. If he can say it, I think I should be able to also!

So..... this Saturday evening is Winter's Fest, as well as Art Stroll, in Wimberley. A wonderful time to get in the Christmas spirit and enjoy some lovely art. Hope to see you in Pitzer's Fine Art Gallery, where I am privileged to show my art!

Monday, December 8, 2014


8"x6", pastel
It is rare to have fall color in south Texas, but we have had a little this year. This is an example near our home. I wanted to title it, Oustanding in its Field, because it was the only one for miles---but thought that was a little hokey.

Getting ready for Christmas is really getting in the way of painting, that, plus we just returned from 4 days in Vegas!! We attended the National Finals Rodeo and it was awsome. Would really love to do a  painting series on the events of the rodeo, they are phenomenal atheletes. So..........maybe one day!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Sky #12

Sky #12
6"x6", pastel
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Haven't posted a painting in the sky series for awhile. I was blessed to paint a commission of a large (20" x 30") sky painting. I will post the painting at a later date, but here is a brief version. Having worked on the full version for weeks, painting this small painting was like revisiting an old friend. 

Hoping you all had a blessed Thanksgiving holiday, we did!