Monday, April 28, 2014

Ombrello Rosso

Ombrello Rosso
9 x 12, pastel

OK, I won't make you go to Google translate to get the title-----Red Umbrella. Don't know why nouns and adjectives are switched in Italian, but sometimes they are.

This is the original painting of Rainy Morning, a wonderfully damp early morning in Italy several years ago. I experienced an ah-ha moment with the painting. Originally the lower right corner was a construction site, and guess what I did----yeppers, I painted the fence, sign, etc.  My husband wanted to know why I would ruin a painting and paint what was actually in the photo. So I swallowed hard, removed the construction and ad-libbed. Not something I do with ease.

Just love the muted colors with the splashes of red throughout, brings back great memories.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

North Congress Crooners

North Congress Crooners
12 x 9, pastel

Well, I finally completed the painting started for the demo at the Wimberley Fine Arts Center Artwalk Saturday last week. I learned that painting with an audience is not my forte!!

Yes, the name of this painting has been changed. Troubadour, was just too dated. These kids were singing away on a very warm afternoon in Austin. You've got to love the Music Capital of Texas.

Rainy Morning

Rainy Morning
8 x 8, pastel
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Rain in Citta Della Pieve was a welcome site while visiting there several years ago. You see south Texas had been in a drought that year and we hadn't seen rain in awhile. This is the second painting from this photo taken from my hotel window, haven't posted the first one yet.

One of my prizes for the Merit Award  from the APS was a package of black Canson pastel paper. I have been having fun exploring the use of this paper, plus the challenge of painting a rainy street scene.

Friday, April 18, 2014


5 Generations or The Brock-Men Tradition
16 x 20, pastel

Last fall a dear friend came to me with an idea for a painting for her husband. As she explained her idea, my mind was spinning, how in the world would I get everything in the painting that she was suggesting? I truly wanted to be able to create what she desired but was doubtful that I could. She sent me the photos she had taken on her phone and I sat on it for a few months.

In January I decided I would give it a try. The story behind the painting is that 5 generations have gotten their haircut at the Trophy Barbershop with this being the very first haircut for the baby. Great granddad and great-great granddad are no longer with us, thus their photos taped to the mirror.These were added and were not in the original photo. The barbershop has big game heads covering the walls, and even has a stuffed polar bear standing at the entrance. The suggestion of the game is on the right and in the reflection of the mirror, as well as mom and the barber. Pa, as he is called, is holding the envelope to collect the locks of hair.

After 3 months of work and trying to keep a secret, this is the finished product. The painting was given to Rusty tonight by his wife with his mother and children in attendance; and I was there too. I think he liked it.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Wimberley Fine Arts Center

Austin Troubadours
12 x 9, pastel

This weekend is Arts Fest in Wimberley, Texas at the Blue Hole. It is also 2nd Saturday Art Walk there. I have recently joined a wonderful group of artists with the Wimberley Fine Arts Center. The Center is open daily and will even be open late tomorrow night (7pm) for the Art Walk. Hope you can get by and check out the great art on display there and enjoy a bit of wine as well.

I will be working on this work in progress. One of my prizes with the Merit Award from the APS Juried Membership Exhibition was black Canson pastel paper. I had never used black paper before and am enjoying exploring the possibilities. The one thing the paper lacks is grit so that means I need to get the value and color right the first time as it will not take as many layers of pastel as sanded paper will.

Hope to see you there.