Sunday, February 10, 2013

A piedi per la citta--Walking to Town

A piedi per la citta--Walking to Town
8 x 6, pastel

I was just a working away on this guy thinking about the 10 x 8 frame I was going to buy for him, thinking this is really sort of a big painting-----when, I stepped back and looked. Upon measuring, this painting is only 8 x 6! I have been working small for so long, 8 x 6's are looking big! Don't quite know how to respond to that, other than, "No wonder it was so hard to get the facial features right!!!!!"

Another wonderful thing about Italy is that people walk everywhere. This gentleman was on the outskirts of town, heading to 'la citta'. So glad that I was out that way also, to snap this shot. Shortly after seeing him, I met Katrina, a tourist from Sweden. We walked/visited for over an hour, until she had to meet an real estate agent. She was looking for a summer home!! She could fly to Italy in less time than it takes me to drive to Dallas. Can't imagine how wonderful that would be! 

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