Thursday, September 4, 2014

Skies, the Series

Sky #1
5 x 5.5 inches, pastel

A dear artist friend challenged me to paint a series of paintings. She further challenged me to paint 30 in 30, (30 paintings in 30 days). I had to bale on that one because life really gets in the way. For instance, found out Monday evening that I needed to run over to College Station yesterday, that's 8 hours gone.

One thing about painting skies you are never at loss for subject matter. Lately, we have had beautiful clouds, sunsets, thunderboomers. I sense the majesty of our Lord in the beauty of the clouds, to think all those billowing clouds, thunderheads originated from vapor, amazing.

So here is the first of the series. Not sure just how many skies will make up this series, but I will keep posting as they are completed.

On another note I took on a commission today, a pet portrait. It is a surprise Christmas present, so thank you for the opportunity to paint your cherished pet!!

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