Friday, January 15, 2016

Happy New Year!!-----just a little late!

Storm on the Plains
6" x 12", pastel
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Happy New Year!! Know it is a tad late, but there is good reason. Christmas was so busy and to add to the 'busy' I was trying to complete a very special commission. I did get it completed and on Jan. 1 it went home. I am thrilled to report that the owner is very happy. And the next day we headed to Colorado.

This painting is from a photo taken several years ago on the way to Colorado. We had stopped in Lubbock, warm, short sleeve weather. Heading to Amarillo this was the scene. By the time we got to Dalhart the snow was blowing so hard, the road was barely visible! Got to love Texas weather!

This was my first painting on Multimedia Pastel board. Began with a watercolor underpainting, looking forward to trying this paper/board again. Think I like it, only down side, I believe it doesn't like alcohol underpainting. I prefer alcohol because it dries so quickly, can get right to the pastel!

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