Monday, July 11, 2016

And the Big Winner Is..........Not the One I Thought!

South Padre Pals
12" x 16", Pastel

As I have said forever, art is so very subjective. What pleases one, is nothing special to another. Friday night proved that. South Padre Pals has been featured in the advertising of the Texas Show at the New Braunfels Art Gallery, even included in the July Texas Monthly Magazine. So when I was notified that I had won a ribbon in the show, I thought Pals would be the winner. And it was the recipient of an honorable mention in the drawing category!

Imagine my surprise, though, when my second entry was named as the first place winner in the drawing category. That entry was Evening Reflections, a painting that I only decided at the last minute to enter! So.... many thanks to the judge for choosing my two entries worthy of awards and NBAL for allowing one artist to win two awards!

Evening Reflections
6" x 12", Pastel

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