Saturday, August 24, 2013

Galveston Gulls

Galveston Gulls
6 x 6, pastel
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Can you believe it??? It has been almost a month, OK, it has been a month since I posted a painting. Excuses are futile, but I have been working at my job a bunch.

This painting is from one of my assignments---9 days in Galveston. Galveston in August can best be described as miserable, sticky, hot and humid. Nine days there and my toes never touched the sand--you could say that I am a lake person not an ocean/sea/gulf person.  The water is much more colorful in this painting than it actually was. My hotel was less than a block from the seawall and the beach. Really enjoyed walking the wall and taking pictures either early am or late evening.

I have been painting when home, but they are paintings for the "Love of Animals" show at the NBAL Gallery in September. Hoping to post them closer to the show opening, September 4.

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