Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Gypsy in Italy Study #2

Gypsy in Italy Study #2
10 x 8, pastel
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My main subject lately has been a commission for a dear friend. I have found  that while enjoying commissions, they can be a double edged sword, at least for me. I stress so much about 'getting it right' and making the person requesting it happy, that I seem to lose the joy in painting.

Sooooo, I decided to take a break from the commissioned portrait and work on another painting. Call me crazy, but I chose another portrait! I just love this lady. She has so much character, so many tales to tell. An additional challenge for this painting is that I am trying a new paper for me, Mi Tiennes. It is smooth which I find unusual, in that pastel needs to stick to the paper and smooth paper doesn't allow for many layers. Normally the substrate I use has grit, to enhance the sticking power of the pastel. This paper has forced me to get it right the first time, because additional layers of pastel do not adhere well.  Good practice, as I have a tendency to have a heavy hand anyway.

May have to create a larger piece of this study!!

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