Monday, April 28, 2014

Ombrello Rosso

Ombrello Rosso
9 x 12, pastel

OK, I won't make you go to Google translate to get the title-----Red Umbrella. Don't know why nouns and adjectives are switched in Italian, but sometimes they are.

This is the original painting of Rainy Morning, a wonderfully damp early morning in Italy several years ago. I experienced an ah-ha moment with the painting. Originally the lower right corner was a construction site, and guess what I did----yeppers, I painted the fence, sign, etc.  My husband wanted to know why I would ruin a painting and paint what was actually in the photo. So I swallowed hard, removed the construction and ad-libbed. Not something I do with ease.

Just love the muted colors with the splashes of red throughout, brings back great memories.

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