Saturday, September 17, 2016

Time to Read

Time to Read
6"x 6", pastel
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The creative juices have been struggling lately, wanting to paint, but lacking in the knowledge of what! Sounds pretty stupid, when put in print, but I have been wanting to create another big painting but simply cannot decide on the subject. So I have been working on multiple small paintings, to keep in the groove.

The photo reference for this painting was taken several years ago on a trip to our favorite spot in Colorado. It was a chilly afternoon, but sitting in the sun was really pleasant. This lady was taking time out from shopping to enjoy her book. Love the shadows and her reflection in the window! She was sitting in front of an art gallery, by the way. You can't make this stuff up!

Thinking about this being the subject for a larger painting, but wondering if the colors need some adjustment. This painting is just like the photo where color is concerned. Could be more diverse, I think.

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