Wednesday, May 25, 2016

After the Rain

After the Rain
6" x 6", pastel

Skyscapes have been calling me lately. The sunsets have been gorgeous, when the clouds have allowed us to view them. The sky is from an actual photograph, the foreground is all imagination. Now that may not be a big thing to you, but for me it is huge! I am a 'paint what is there' sort of artist.

If you have ever taken photos of sunsets, you may know that usually the foreground is all dark, not too interesting. I was determined that would not be the case with this painting. When the photo was taken, I made a point of comparing the the foreground colors in comparison to the sunset. They were beautiful, muted, but gorgeous. There were homes in the foreground not a stream!

So 'After the Rain' is the second version of this sunset. The first version is below. I was pleased with the foreground, but decided that the square version should have an even more interesting foreground. 

Evening Reflections
6" x 12", pastel

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