Saturday, May 7, 2016


12" x 12", pastel

So this critter rules the house, well not really. He is just the sweetest, most fun dog we have had. So now I am out on the porch typing this and he is scratching on the windows, barking at me 'cause he wants to be out here too! And so what did I just do????? But......I put the leash on him, in no mood to chase after him.

This is his, "I may not be the most interesting dog.......but......" pose. We just love it. He strikes this pose often.

I truly enjoy painting animals. just finished a cat this afternoon. Really not a cat person, but those paintings seem to sell well!

Speaking of selling, if you are in the area of the Bijou Theater in San Antonio, the Texas Pastel Society is displaying art there through the month of May. Go by and check it out!

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