Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lesson: Stop Putz-ing Around

Spring Beauty
8"x 8", pastel

Almost a month since the last post!!! Yikes, but really have been busy. Working on several paintings, won an award at the San Antonio Art League and Museum 86th Annual Artists Exhibition, plus playing pickleball (Google it).

This little painting is the latest work. In fact I just completed it about 30 minutes ago. Now it has been on the easel, in progress for over a week. Being the realist painter that I am, I was trying to include every little leaf and flower in the photo reference.........and just this morning determined that they were becoming the stars, not this precious hummer! Have been working on those leaves and flowers for days, but this morning took the alcohol to everything but the bird! In layman's terms, that means that all the pastel soaked into the board and became a muted surface on which to apply fresh pastel.

When it dried, there was no putz-ing (now I did look up the meaning of this word......didn't want to get myself in trouble here!) around, just gave the indication of flora around the star of the painting....pleased with the result.

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  1. This is a gorgeous painting. Thank you so much for sharing, and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)