Friday, January 11, 2013

Carolina Barn

Carolina Barn
9 x 12, pastel

WooHoo!! I finally completed a painting! It was a study in procrastination avoidance!! Ever have that problem--finding all sorts of things to do to avoid doing what you really want to do, because you are afraid you will fail??? I really haven't tackled any painting of substance over the holidays, mainly the Variations. Now, the Variations have afforded me an opportunity to explore color, technique, strokes, but also, an opportunity to avoid really trying to create that 'good' painting. So my confidence has been suffering. Like Rita Kirkman says, "Just do the work", the rest will work itself out.

We passed this barn flying along the interstate to Asheville in October. I took note of the surroundings and decided we would stop on the way back to take pictures. Well, we were late getting the rental car back to the airport, so no stopping. When I recognized the surroundings, I rolled the window down, wrapped the camera strap around my arm and started snapping pictures at 70 mph!!! It's a wonder the camera didn't fly out of my hand. 

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