Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Very Exciting News!

Sunny Apple
11 x 14 matted,  watercolor

OK, I know this is a repeat from the last post but...............I have spent the last several days contemplating whether I should take the leap and join Daily Paintworks. This is a site where artists post their art to sell, creating their own gallery on the site of their works. It is a leap of faith for me, to step out of my comfort zone again, and see what people other than my friends think of my art.

This painting will not be on the site until tomorrow morning and will be on the What's New page for the day. It will then go to my gallery and in the auction site. So if you get a chance tomorrow, go to Daily Paintworks, (you can click on  the area to the right and it will take you there) look under What's New and see Sunny Apple in a new site. If you hit the click to bid above, it will go directly to the painting and you can "mouse over" to see it up close and personal. Just X out, you do not have to bid on it.

New painting coming soon. I promise.

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