Saturday, January 12, 2013

News in Italy

News in Italy
10 x 8, Pastel

OK, I did try to paint during the holidays--this one. When I took this picture in Citta Della Pieve, I was struck by the emotion it evoked in me. He just seemed so alone and the news (I imagined from his body language) wasn't good. I have been wanting to paint it for quite some time. I am not happy with this, not getting the emotion. Perhaps it is because I left out the 4 empty benches that were all around him. Whatever it is, I just am not pleased with the results. So chalk it up to another learning experience.

He was wiped off and restarted once. Does he get wiped off again, but this time for good?


  1. I think News in Italy is excellent............congrats Denise! The body language is so natural, as is the background that portrays a little piece of Italy.

  2. PS....and, it was wonderful experiencing and sharing Italy with you!

    1. Thank you, Vie, for your encouragement. I was just telling my family Friday how I would love to go back to Italy. You made the trip so fun. Maybe one of these days.