Thursday, December 6, 2012

Backyard Glow

Backyard Glow
6 x 8, pastel

OK, so I completed a painting in an hour after painting 'Lucky' ; well, here it is. That's right, it is no masterpiece, but it is a step in the direction I am wanting to try---loose, painterly.  This isn't for everyone, my oldest doesn't like the style at all. My goal is, as I paint more, that loose strokes will suddenly appear here and there in my realistic style.

My friend tells me to "do the work" the style will come. So I am doing the work, knocked out another one this morning. I love to paint critters, both human and animal, and he is a cutie even from the great distance he was away. How fortunate to be snapping pictures and the one he was in is this awesome pose. Is your interest piqued?

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