Friday, November 9, 2012


Breakthrough painting
Day 3 of Marl Baggetta's Workshop

As I said in the previous blog, Marla said I had a breakthrough day on Wednesday. The painting above is the first of three completed that day. You have got to admit, when compared with the other paintings posted in this blog, I loosened up a good bit. That has been my desire, to become more painterly, not so photo realistic, find my own style without copying the subject verbatim.

I had a wonderful time at the workshop. Marla's teaching style encourages growth, each activity builds upon the lesson learned in the previous exercise. Marla is such a calm, supportive instructor, with such enviable creative ability.  I would highly recommend taking her classes. If that is just not in the cards, check out her web site and/or her blog ( You will be inspired.

Version 2
of Breakthrough painting.
One of the points Marla stressed is that we are not a slave to the photo reference!! I made the breakthrough by drawing the big shapes from the photo (Asheville School scenery) and then turned the photo over and did not look at it again. I did the same with this painting. I plan on continuing this practice and recreate this painting using ever changing color combinations. 

Painting the everyday subject.
This was the last exercise of the class and as Marla said it would be--the favorite (at least for me). She said that I have a lot of pretty pictures and that doesn't necessarily lead to a good painting! There is a painting everywhere you look--you just have to look beyond the subject matter to see the beautiful shapes.   Thank you, Marla!

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