Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Freedom of Choice

Study of Color
Freedom of Choice
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This is my painting from the morning exercise in Marla Baggetta's pastel workshop yesterday. We were to use her composition, (she's done numerous wonderful paintings using this composition but changing colors----"Variations"), but we were to pick the color palette. We were not constrained by what we saw her do or by what the photo showed. I was pleased with the outcome of my attempt. So I was anxious to get to the afternoon session.
Boy, did reality hit me right between the eyes. I had watched Marla create beautiful paintings for 2 days and had painted an OK one that morning, but I reverted back to my old ways--- putting in every little detail. I did it not only once, but twice. Oh, the frustration!
On the way to class this morning, (sadly, the last class) I had a revelation----choose what to paint using the composition (shapes, preferably pleasing shapes) rather that the subject matter! It is something Angie Banta Brown has been telling me for years and I knew it, but haven't executed too well. But today was better!

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